Vichy 24H Extreme Freshness Deodorant -2 x 100ml

Vichy 24H Extreme Freshness Deodorant -2 x 100ml

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24h extreme freshness
Fruity scent
2 x 100ml

The deodorant efficiency combined with a 24-hour fruity fragrance.
Zinc Ricinoleate, a benchmark odor absorbing and anti-bacterial deodorant, gives this treatment an ultra-deodorant action for safety and a feeling of freshness that lasts all day.
24h deodorant efficiency.
Anti-odor, ultra-fresh, without white marks on the skin.
For men and women who want to combine deodorant efficiency and long-lasting freshness.
An ultra-fresh texture on application and a fruity freshness that lasts all day for a feeling of intense comfort.

Usage Tips

Spray daily on clean, dry armpits.


INCI formula: Alcohol denat. aqua / water, lactic acid, perfume / fragrance, dipropylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, triethanolamin, zinc ricinoleate.
Without aluminum salt.
Gasless vaporizer.
Without paraben.

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