About Us

We are an online skincare boutique that specializes in bringing you authentic French cosmetics products from the most trusted French beauty brands. All our products are sourced fresh from France, so we can ensure the highest quality ingredients for your daily self-care. We treat all our orders individually so that you always have sometime from our team on your side. Welcome to the French Cosmetics Club experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an empowering community for women who prioritize self-care and embody their natural beauty.

With the social and societal pressures women face each day, it’s second-nature to put on foundation, concealer, mascara, powder, and everything involved in your face and eye-makeup routine each morning. However, it’s not as easy to remember that it’s what’s underneath the makeup that matters the most.

It’s increasingly difficult in today's busy world to take the proper time to care for your skin. We aim to make it easy for you to find the beauty products that suit your unique skin type and make you excited for your skincare routine. We believe that the real beauty is within you and when you make time for self-care, your body and skin radiates it.

Our Quality and Freshness Guarantee

We offer the widest selection of traditional French products available outside of France and we are proud of our record in customer service excellence. Most of our products have expiration dates, which is why we source all our products directly from licensed manufacturers and vendors in France. This is how we guarantee the highest level of freshness in our products and certify that our products are 100% authentic.

For this reason, we ask our US customers to please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping (add 1 week for international orders), depending on the order. During that time, we make ourselves fully available to our customers for any concerns they may have. We appreciate your patience on this, as beauty does take time ;), but never hesitate to contact us to learn more about our shipping rates and possible faster delivery options! 

The French Cosmetics Club Members

When you create an account with us, you become an official member of The French Cosmetics Club. As a member, you will be able to accumulate points with each purchase that can be redeemable for discounts and other rewards. You will also be able to earn points and coupons by referring your friends so they can benefit from The French Cosmetics Club experience.