Our Story

The French Cosmetics Club was founded in 2006 by a pair of Francophiles. When they would travel to Paris, they loved discovering the simplicity and lightness of the french products in their neighborhood Parapharmacie. It was convenient to stop by these boutiques as local Parisians do and receive skincare advice for their unique skin type, in such a friendly and familial atmosphere. With the advice of the storekeeper, they found lotions and moisturizers that didn’t irritate their or their children’s sensitive skin.

The family stocked up on products to bring back with them to the U.S., but of course, they could only bring so much. When they ran out of their favorite skin products a couple of months later, it was possible to find them in the U.S. or even online. Most products they did find had been modified to the U.S. market’s usual ingredients. They decided to take matters into his own hands for the sake of their family.

During their next trip to Paris, they expressed the challenges their family was having finding these unique products and they created partnerships with local Parapharmacie vendors who could help simplify this process for anyone living outside of France. This experience created the foundational principles for The French Cosmetics Club: to provide a wide range of high quality skincare products with the friendly service available to Parisians at their neighborhood Parapharmacie.