RoC Keops Roll-On Deodorant -2 x 30ml

RoC Keops Roll-On Deodorant -2 x 30ml

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Roll-on deodorant
Normal skins
2 x 30ml

The ROC Roll-On Deodorant gives you 48 hours of effectiveness.
Equipped with an antiperspirant regulating active ingredient, it helps reduce feelings of discomfort and humidity.
It also helps control odors related to perspiration using its odor sensor.

Usage Tips

On clean, dry skin:
Apply to the parts to be treated.


Ingredients: Aqua. Aluminum Chlorohydrate. Propylene glycol. Ceteth-20. Phenoxyethanol. hydroxyethyl cellulose. Alcloxa. Citronellyl Methyl-crotonate. Methylparaben. Propylparaben.
Alcohol free - Fragrance free - Hypoallergenic.

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