Oenobiol Solaire Anti-Age Capital Jeunesse -2 x 30 Gel Capsules

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Intensive anti-aging sunscreen
Youth capital
With Actilycopene, lutein, selenium, vitamins C and E, zinc
Dietary supplement
2 x 30 capsules

Oenobiol Solaire Intensif ¨ Anti-Age helps prepare your skin for a radiant holiday. Its formula specifically developed for skins with 1st signs of aging is composed of zinc and vitamin C. It also contains Actilycopene ¨ *, lutein, selenium and vitamin E which help preserve the youthfulness of the skin by improving its density, elasticity and firmness. To extend your vacation, continue to take Oenobiol Solaire Intensif ¨ Anti-Aging after your return.
* Tomato extract including lycopene.

Usage Tips

Skin showing signs of aging.
1 capsule per day during a meal, 1 month before sun exposure, during and after.


Ingredients: Camelina oil (Camelina sativa) - Gelatin -Actilycopene ¨: tomato extract (Lycopersicon esculentum) - Vitamin C - Glycerin, sorbitol (coating agents) - Glycerin monostearate (emulsifier) __- Vitamin E - Zinc sulfate - Sodium selenite - Tagetes extract (Tagetes erecta) - Iron oxides (dyes).
Does not protect against sunburn. Sun protection adapted to the skin type is essential.



(1 AQR ** capsule):
Tomato extract* 80mg of which lycopene 8 mg
Marigold extract* 5.25mg of which lutein 1 mg
Vitamin C 40mg (50%)
Vitamin E* 10mg (83%)
Zinc 5mg (50%)
Selenium 50_g (91%)
* Ingredients of vegetable origin
**Daily Reference Intakes

Food supplements should be used as part of a varied, balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle and kept out of reach of children. People under medical supervision, pregnant or breastfeeding women should ask their doctor for advice before taking a food supplement. It is advisable to respect the indicated daily dose. Reserved for adults.
Store in a cool dry place.

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