Galenic Aqua Urban Pollution Defense Mist -50ml

Galenic Aqua Urban Pollution Defense Mist -50ml

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Pollution defense
Protects, moisturizes and refreshes

The sun is no longer the only opponent of the skin...This new enemy, constantly around us and with whom we must live, is harmful to our youth and beauty capital...The name of this beast? Pollution.
In addition to being harmful to our health, the Pollution + UV binomial causes:
- Premature skin aging.
- A dulling of the complexion due to the aggregation of "black" polluting particles on the face, coupled with the appearance of pigmentary spots.
- An increase in the production of sebum, the appearance of dilated pores, imperfections.
- Increased skin sensitivity associated with a feeling of dehydration causing tugging, redness ...
Today, more than ever, women must protect themselves from pollution and UV to preserve their youth and beauty.

In this haze, with the fine spray galenic, Dandelion extract and a trio of moisturizing agents to reload the skin in "defense" anti-pollution, hydration and freshness, wherever you goeither, in an express gesture.
Non sticky, the pollution defense Mist leaves an invisible finish on the skin.
Ideal to be used on makeup.

Usage Tips

Close your eyes, mist on the face, neck and neckline by holding the bottle 20 cm.
Let it dry without staggering and repeat on multiple occasions: after makeup, in transport (both in the subway, by car), in the street, on the terrace, during a sport session, at office when the air conditioning is too strong ...


INCI formula: water (aqua), glycerin, pentylene glycol, caprylic / capric triglyceride, cetrimonium bromide, fragrance (fragrance), hexyl cinnamal, hydrogenated starch hydrolyzate, methyl gluceth-20 peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil taraxacum officinale (dandelion) rhizome / root extract (taraxacum officinale rhizome / root extract).

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