Bioderma ABCDerm Intensive Change Water Paste -75 grams

Bioderma ABCDerm Intensive Change Water Paste -75 grams

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ABCDerm Intensive Change is developed according to the ABCDerm formulation chart, high security and high tolerance.This treatment soothes the redness of the buttocks, quickly calms the feelings of discomfort with D-panthenol, and helps repair the fragile skin barrier.
It is an effective, non-occlusive protective barrier that purifies and isolates the epidermis from marks and enzymes in the stool with zinc oxide and its "water-based" formula. Stool is the main cause of redness.

Usage Tips
Several times a day - 7 days / 7 Apply ABCDerm Change Intensive in thick layers with each change on a skin previously cleaned with an ABCDerm hygiene product and carefully dried.
Suitable from birth, excluding premature infants.
For hygiene reasons, we recommend that you close the product after use.

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