Biocyte Microlift 45+ -60 Gel Capsules

Biocyte Microlift 45+ -60 Gel Capsules

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Hydration and firmness
Mature skin
With hyaluronic acid
Ascophyllum nodosum and elastin
Dietary supplement
60 capsules

From the age of 45, the skin undergoes many changes: it becomes thinner and becomes more fragile.
Climatic shocks, the sun, pollution attack the skin's defenses and cell aging accelerates.
Biocyte Microlift¨ mature skin, thanks to Ascophyllum nodosum extract, improves hydration and firmness of the skin.
Ascophyllum nodosum is a nutrient-rich brown alga that helps promote physiological balance, cellular regeneration and improves skin texture.
Biocyte Microlift¨ mature skin also contains hyaluronic acid and elastin, two essential building blocks of the skin.
Indeed, elastin is a very elastic fiber that has a great ability to return after stretching.
It guarantees the suppleness and the elasticity of the skin.
Hyaluronic acid fills the mesh between the elastin and collagen fibers, giving a hydrated and plumped look to the skin.

Thanks to its three active ingredients, Microlift¨ mature skin reduces skin aging and improves the quality of the skin.
Results: The skin is regenerated, firmed and the skin texture is improved.

Usage Tips

2 capsules a day, with a large glass of water, for 3 months.


Ingredients: Bulking agents: microcrystalline cellulose, dicalcium phosphate; Hyaluronic acid 200mg; Marine elastin (fish) 200mg; Maltodextrin; Ascophyllum nodosum extract 66mg; Film coating (coating agents: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, hydroxypropylcellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, fatty acids, talc, dyes: titanium dioxide, iron oxides); Anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide.

Nutritional analysis for 2 capsules:
Hyaluronic acid 200 mg
Fish elastin 160mg
Ascophyllum nodosum extract 66 mg

Dietary supplement based on hyaluronic acid, Ascophyllum nodosum and elastin. Keep out of the reach of young children. do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Keep cool, dry and protected from light. Dietary supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and not be used as substitutes for a varied and balanced diet.

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