Biocyte Keratine Growth -40 Gel Capsules

Biocyte Keratine Growth -40 Gel Capsules

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Keratin Strong Growth
Based on keratin, millacin and field horsetail
Gluten free
Hair growth
Dietary supplement
20 capsules

Our lifestyles mistreat and tire our hair.
In normal cycle it grows, stabilizes and falls.
However, it can undergo modifications of its life cycle following the numerous aggressions to which we submit it.
The sun, some dyes or the smoothing of hair gradually peel the keratin of our hair.
In addition, a pregnancy or hereditary factor can contribute to hair loss or slow hair growth.

Keratin is the major component of hair (85% to 95%). Keratin forte¨ growth combines with keratin, the miliacin complex and field horsetail.
This product promotes hair growth and helps to strengthen it.
The miliacine complex with proven efficacy * helps to restore radiant hair.

- Promotes hair growth
- Fortified and shiny hair

Usage Tips

Take 1 capsule daily, at the time of the meal, with a large glass of water, for 1 to 3 months.
Dietary supplement with keratin, miliacine and field horsetail.


INCI formula:Capsule shell (gelatin, glycerol gelling agent, water, dyes: black iron oxide, cupric chlorophyllin sodium complex); Miliacine complex [Panicum miliaceum millet seed extract 150 mg (including miliacine 3 mg); Sunflower seed oil Heliantus annuus; Wheat seed extract Triticum aesticum 27 mg] of which linoleic acid 165 mg; Thickener: beeswax; Keratin hydrolyzate 20 mg; Dry extract of aerial parts of field horsetail Equisetum arvense 13 mg (equivalent dry plant 52 mg); Emulsifier: sunflower lecithin.

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